In this project we share information about the weather in the areas where we live. We make some weather charts / maps of our territories. Students are encouraged to watch the weather , to get information of it in the papers ( forecasts) and to use some instruments to measure it (thermometer , barometer, hygrometer , anemometer, pluviometer… ) . They write down the results in some charts/maps to share them every period of time . They interchange photos/drawings and descriptions too . Different digital tools are used to share these works.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Weather forecast from Ukraine

We've measured the atmospheric pressure with the barometer, checked the wind direction with the windvane and compass.

Wind: light air, western, 
speed 5 km/h
Atmospheric pressure: 1022hPa

Our handmade barometer

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  1. Good activities for the open air and interesting combination of compass and the wooden windvane to know the direction of wind. Very good !