In this project we share information about the weather in the areas where we live. We make some weather charts / maps of our territories. Students are encouraged to watch the weather , to get information of it in the papers ( forecasts) and to use some instruments to measure it (thermometer , barometer, hygrometer , anemometer, pluviometer… ) . They write down the results in some charts/maps to share them every period of time . They interchange photos/drawings and descriptions too . Different digital tools are used to share these works.

Friday, 31 March 2017

From France: videos about clothes and weather!

Now a video about clothes and weather!
Not very serious , i'm afraid : it's not talking about thermometer , barometer etc...
But tell me what you are wearing and...I'll tell you what the weather is like in your country!

A song about the weather! Would you like to sing with us?

1 comment:

  1. Great videos! Congratulations to actors and actresses !
    Fine , funny and interesting activity.
    We understood very well the weather that you have through this video.
    Very good !!