In this project we share information about the weather in the areas where we live. We make some weather charts / maps of our territories. Students are encouraged to watch the weather , to get information of it in the papers ( forecasts) and to use some instruments to measure it (thermometer , barometer, hygrometer , anemometer, pluviometer… ) . They write down the results in some charts/maps to share them every period of time . They interchange photos/drawings and descriptions too . Different digital tools are used to share these works.

Saturday, 17 June 2017





 The project is over. The route that we started at the beginning of this course and that was crossing different places is ending as the end of the school year is coming. 
  We have worked a little bit of everything. We have had measurements of different devices and annotations in various graphs. We have watched the sky and we have photographed it at different seasons of the year that showed us interesting aspects of the landscape. Our  students have made very nice drawings  about different manifestations of the weather .
     There have been songs , commemorations and celebrations. We have made some experiments .We have shared and developed school atmospheric measurement devices with different recycling  materials. The environmental education of our students has always been present. Each school has incorporated some activities when it was possible for it. 
     Schools of Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Spain, France, Turkey and Greece have contributed with different materials. At the end we have made two videoconferences that have served to join us more and to talk and see us directly . Thus we´ve enriched this European educational project. 
    Maybe if I´ve got enough time I´ll post a digital note-book with a summary s of the graphics that some schools have made during the project .
    I thank to all the schools their diverse collaboration and  I hope it has been helpful to everyone  and , you never know , in future, maybe we can meet again.

                                                      Carlos Sastre.

Some  creations about our project : a conceptual map and  three word clouds .


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